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Domaine Pinot Gris is the preeminent selection from King Estate Winery, made exclusively from certified organic and Biodynamic® grapes from our Estate Vineyard in the Southern Willamette Valley. The Estate is the largest Biodynamic vineyard in the United States and has been certified organic by Oregon Tilth since 2002.
$40.00 per Bottle
Our flagship wine, King Estate Willamette Valley Pinot Gris, reflects an excellence recognized worldwide. Made with the best selection of grapes each year, the 2016 vintage was sourced primarily from King Estate’s certified Biodynamic® and organic vineyard as well as a handful of like-minded sustainably-farmed vineyards throughout the Willamette Valley.
$30.00 per Bottle
Pfeiffer Vineyard, a King Estate exclusive site, has played an integral role in the backbone of our wine since the very beginning. The high quality fruit grown at Pfeiffer Vineyard consistently warrants its own bottling as a Vineyard Designate since the first Pfeiffer Pinot Noir was released by King Estate in 1997. The 2014 King Estate Pfeiffer Pinot Gris shows both finesse and richness. The bright acidity highlights the ripe fruit component while carrying its depth through a supple and lengthy finish.
$38.00 per Bottle
 At Antiquum Vineyards, things are done by hand - artisan style. The Hagen family, owners of these special vineyards, live by the mantra "make it yourself or do without" which applies to all that the farm encompasses. Family, livestock, food and wine grapes are grown with reverence to the land, and in a traditional way that can only be described as 'from a different time." We hope you enjoy the fruits of their labor.
$39.00 per Bottle
The King family and the Pfeiffer family have been through quite a bit together. We have grown grapes and made wine with each other for over 20 years. In that time, much has changed and many challenges have been met, and we have learned to make even better, more elegant wines that show just how much the relationship has evolved. Our partnership is our Unity.
$38.00 per Bottle
$42.00 per Bottle